X8 Output Style - Numbered with exponent

OSX El Capitan 10.11.6

Word 2016 (Version 15.27)


I’ve spent all afternoon reading posts and trying to format a custom output style. I’m writing a book with multiple chapters, so I’ve changed the Chicago 16th Footnote style. First, changed the sections to “create a bibliography for each section.” Then formatted the citation template to “Bibliography Number” and highlighted that for suprascript (because I need it to show as an exponent number within the text, at the end of the sentence.) However I cannot get “ibid” or repeat citation to work. I need the count to be continuous but it just repeats the number within the text and does not change the bibliography at the end. Any help would be appreciated, this is a frustrating process.


Chicago 16th Footnote - Manuscript.ens (80.4 KB)

So do you want footnotes/endnotes or a reference bibliography list?  They are very different.  

Footnotes are superscripts and you use the word tools to insert a footnote and then you insert the citation into the footnote. These result in ibid, etc.  You can have “footnotes” at the end of the chapter, I think.  Then they are called “endnotes”.  

A numbered style works completely differently and will reuse the number and so never uses ibid.