Same author and same year in the same place

I have to cite multiple works of same aurhors in the same year in the same place, in partular, I use the “IEEE” output style. for example, I cite the two items below in the same place:


[1]. ABC, 2014., “abc1…”.

[2]. ABC. 2014., “abc2…”.


But, I got  “[ABC [1] 2]” in the text, it’s weird…, 

Ps. I have checked the “omit the same aurthor” .


Help me, Thanks in advance!

I would check the following in Word.

Go to Edit & Manage Citations.

You will see a Formatting option if that has been changed to “Display as Author(Year)” you would get the format you describe.

You would need to change that setting back to the Default.

Let us know if you have any questions or if this does not resolve the issue.