Saving Endnote Library

Hi Everyone or Anyone,

I have version 15 of endnote and whilst its a great tool I’m having a little problem trying to save it and move it from my laptop to my tower unit. I’ve looked at a lot of online help and have attempted the "compress the library"thing and save a copy command. The problem I have is that I keep get a command from endnote saying that…

“Endnote cannot save or create this file. Make sure the disk you want to save the file on is not full, write protected  or damaged”

The frustrating thing is is that it doesn’t matter whether I try to do this to a thumb-drive or to the laptop itself I still get the same message.

Can anyone help with this small problem.



  1. Are you running Windows?  If so, can you check the properties setting of the EndNote .enl file to see that the “Read-only” setting is unchecked before you start compressing the file.

  2. How big is the compressed EndNote file?  Is there sufficient space on the thumb drive to accommodate the compressed file?  If you lack sufficient space you could try emailing the compressed file to yourself then opening it on the desktop computer.

  3. If items #1 and 2 pan-out, are you able to compress the EndNote file but save it (not copy it) directly to the thumb drive? Have you tried saving the file to a different medium other than the current thumb drive to see if that works instead?