Search defaults (search whole library, not within results)

I know several people have already written about this, but I just wanted to add my voice to the clamour… please could Endnote fix the ‘upgrade’ default search options, so that when you run a second search the default is that it searches within the entire library, not within the search results.  

If you run a lot of searches, you have to keep re-selecting ‘all references’ before you input your new search terms, and in addition - for some bizarre reason - when one does so, the search terms revert to earlier searches run, rather than keeping the most recent search terms.

Also, I’ve noticed that since the upgrade the searches are running slightly slower than before.  One of the things I liked about Endnote (in contrast with Zotero) is that if you have a very large library it still searches your references very quickly.  Unfortunately, on my machine it seems to be slowing down somewhat… although it may be that my library is now too big.


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