Search in EndNote X1 (Mac) does not work anymore!!

Dear all,

I have a problem in EndNote X1 (Mac) which I cannot solve. Until now, I could open EndNote, click on any author, and by pressing the first letter of any author, jump to that specific author in my EndNote library (e.g. ‘P’ and then the cursor would jump to the first author who’s surname would start with a ‘P’). However, since today, this function does not work anymore! Has anybody encountered this problem? Is there something I need to turn on/off in EndNote to make this work again?!



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This will only work if the library is being sorted on the Author field.  Click on the Author column heading to resort the library.  Then you should be able to start typing an author’s name and have it jump to that author.

Thank you! So simple (didn’t know that was the problem). Thanks a lot!