Search or sort by "reference type"?

If I do a search on a keyword and then want to identify those references that are journal articles, is there any way to sort by “reference type”  There is a drop down box to define that when entering new references, but I don’t see it in the search criteria.  Does it have a different name there?

Thank you.


You can sort entries by reference type if “Reference Type” was preselected to be displayed in the library window.

  1. This can be done by going to the EndNote toolbar, select EDIT, PREFERENCES.

  2. Now click to select “Display Fields”.  Fields may be designated to appear by column in any order by clicking the pull-down menu. Locate the column where you want the reference type to be displayed then click the pull-down menu to select: REFERENCE TYPE. Click OK to close the Preferences window.

Now when conducting a search, when ready, look at the top part of the library window, locate “Reference Types” then click on the bar to sort the entries by reference type.

Pretty sure you can tools> sort on reference type and search on reference type too?  At least I can on my work machine with X4.  Will check X5 a bit latter on my laptop. 



I am using X5.

Both of your suggestions for sorting by Reference type work.

Thank you again.

You must save EndNote a fortune in technical service costs!