Sort by Epub Date

How do I sort my library of PubMed references by Epub Date? This field does not appear in the drop-down list of sort options.

You need to find out which field in the generic record responds to the “epub date” in the Journal Article record.

Edit/Preferences/Reference Type

Click “Modify Reference Type” - make sure “Journal Article” is selected.

Look for “Epub Date” under Journal Article and the corresponding field (“Edition”) under the Generic reference type.

Looks like sorting on “Edition” should give you the desired results.

Just to add-on to tc2008’s posting.  If the generic “Edition” field corresponds to the Epub date you’ll need to designate this field  in the “Display Fields” setting so it appears in your library and enable sorting.

Go to the EndNote toolbar, select EDIT, PREFERENCES.  Within the Preferences pop-up window click to select DISPLAY FIELDS (see attached image).  Then depending on which column you want to use (this example uses Column 8), click the pull-down menu to select EDITION - this will enable the field to be displayed and allow sorting in the EndNote library.  The click OK to close the Preferences window. 


Brilliant. Thank you.