On line search window missing


I was able to establish connection to the nlm, the [PubMed MEDLINE at PubMed (NLM)] page was shown, but the search window did not appear. I tried click on “Return to Search” a few times, search window did not appear.

What can I do to resolve this? I have been using the LAN when working with Endnotes, it was all fine. This is the first time that I am accessing internet using my mobile 3G broadband service. Can this be the reason that my search window did not appear? Internet connection was all fine.

What version of Endnote are you using?  In X2 and X3 (and X1?) It should be at the bottom, embedded in the window.  Perhaps you have moved the “line” down too far, so you can’t see it.  also note that there are two tabs down there.  one is preview and the other is search.  see the attached images. 

If you are using older versions of endnote, try to view (window?) and select cascade or tile which should bring a window that is “off screen” back into view.