Searching within a reference

Is it possible to do a search within a reference so that searched words will be highlighted? Once I open a reference, I can no longer do SEARCH. I have lots of notes written in each reference (sometimes a couple of thousand words), so this function would allow me to locate the searched words instantly within a reference. At this point, I am having to copy the notes onto a Word document so that I can do a word search. Any help will be appreciated.

You can search for text within a single reference by using the “Go to” command. With the reference open, right-click to display a sub-menu then select “Go to”. Enter the text you want to locate in the “Go to” seach box then click the “Next” button.

If you prefer using Word’s search ability, suggest saving your notes as an MS Word doc which is then saved to the EndNote reference as a file attachment. When it’s time to search, right-click on the Word doc file attachment and select “File Attachments”, “Open File” which will open the doc in MS Word.

Thanks for a quick reply/solution! Being a Mac user, I wasn’t even thinking of doing the “right-click” action, which I can do CONTROL+click on a Mac. Yes, I was able to get the “Go to” command. Thanks again!