Services broken in X4 on OS X?

I have enabled the ‘Services for OS X’ in the Endnote Customizer, but when I try to use any of the Services for EndNote, I get a message like this:

‘The “Find Citation(s)…” service could not be used because the “ENService” application did not respond to a request for services.’

The ENService support app is installed in the right place and the service request is being put to it, but nothing after that but this system message.

Anyone know what is going awry here? Are Services just broken in X4 or is there some step I need to take to make them work?


Endnote X4 / OS X Snow Leopard

It would be a help to hear from a few others (if any) who are experiencing this problem – it would help establish the problem as a general Endnote X4 problem (if that is what it is).