Setting pt value for the line spacing in bibliography

I am using EndNote X1 with MS Word 2007.

Are there any way to set the line spacing value other than the predefined set (Single/1.5/Double)?

A journal I am writing for requires a fixed value of 9pt.

Thanks in advance!

It isn’t the line spacing you want to change, it is the font size.  This can be controlled in the Format Bibliography, layout tab settings. 

Thank you for your reply, but that is not the problem because the specified font size is 7pt but the specified line spacing is 9pt.

What journal are you trying to satisfy?  I can’t believe author instructions would include this detail.  It would seem to me this information would be a part of their formating steps for publication.  You shouldn’t have to prepare your paper to that standard.  Publishers have easy steps to apply the appropriate paragraph formating. 

Yes, sounds like some school class asking students to write following “published” journal style, instead of requirement of manuscript submission. I’ve seen undergraduate students struggling to make double-column with 7pt fonts, using Endnote and Word. My suggestion was to use Adobe InDesign or DTP software once Word/Endnote work is done, paste (flow) the text into the text box in InDesign. These “publisher” software allow much more precise control over line spacing/font kernel, paragraph formatting, etc. But if you have only Word, the line spacing can be set as exact 9pt in Word, not in Endnote output style. Just highlight grey text (bibliography), and go to paragraph formatting in Word.

I have the problem too.

I am using EndNote X5 with MS Word 2010.

I need to set ‘Font size’ to 8pt, ‘Line spacing’ to 9pt, and ‘Space after’ to 4pt.

Is there any approach to get it done within EndNote?