Some suggestions to the EndNote developers

Hi All,
am new to the Thomson Reuters community and after some time of training with EndNote X5 (and reading several posts here), I would like to post some suggestions of mine to a possible improvement  of the already valuable application.

  1. I noticed that it is rather easy to accidentally put one or some records into the trash while processing it. The troubles lie when one does not realize it and later empties the trash! Therefore a confirm request window to delete a record would be fine.

  2. I also noticed that the searching of duplicates in EndNote is made, incredibly, in a case sensitive fashion! This is not good, because sources of references to be compared and to be merged are often heterogeneous. A checkbox in the respective preferences section, to include/exclude case checks should therefore be mandatory in next builds of EndNote.

  3. I agree many other user’s posts regarding the need to allow more expert user to mass/batch edit their references, without wasting their precious times. Therefore I strongly suggest to:

3a) let the path in File Attachment field editable. Let’s imagine the scenario of a 2-3 thousands EndNote records (linked to respective pdf files, which are perhaps in one big directory). What if the user eventually wishes to move/spread their files in several, more specific folders? At present, the only chance with EndNote is to redrag & redrop EACH file to its record, which is definitely absurd!

3b) create a truly, general copy field (besides change and move ones) for the above reasons.

  1. Finally, I think there is a few small typos in the Help (Search Command Tips page, Finding File Attachments Sect.). In fact, sentences refer to as certain command lines, but those lines are missing.

Thanks for your attention


Hi all,

while still waiting for some possible comments of yours to my above post, I discovered another issue which could be of interest both to users and developers of EndNote.

When one edits (perhaps by forcing Acrobat to recognise its text) and saves a pdf file linked as an attached file to the db, EndNote completely (and silently) ignores the new editings, as I found out in some text searches. The only way I found to let EndNote accept last changes is to manually delete the old file icon and to drag the file icon again (though the underlying link string has not been changed at all)!

In my opinion, EndNote application should have a mechanism of automatic update of its db once a pdf is changed in its content, or at least a file update button.

Is it because of this flaw that EndNote keeps denying advanced users the chance of mass editing of links to pdf files (i.e. entry 3a of the above post)?

Thanks again for your attention

I haven’t noticed the PDF saving problem you have. I do have an issue which is kind of annoying, where if I open a PDF into Acrobat Professional via EndNote and then make a change, I have to be sure to unselect that record in EndNote before saving. It was not like this in X4, presumably due to the addition of a PDF editor in X5. However, it would be better for me if there was an option to disable the PDF editor in EndNote to eliminate this behavior–or perhaps better yet, have the PDF not open in EndNote unless I am on the PDF and Quick Edit Tab so I can save changes in Acrobat more easily.



P.S. Update- I see that there is an option to disable the PDF reader ability which addresses my issue. Still the other suggestion I had would be convenient. - Thanks

There are 2 types of ways of attaching PDFs in endnote.  Relative and Absolute links.  Relative links place a copy of the PDF in the .DATA folder found in the same folder as your .ENL library.  Absolute links point to the original file on your drive in it’s original location.  This may be why your edits aren’t sticking.  If you go back to the original file and edit it (and your using relative links) it doesn’t affect the actual file endnote is looking for.  If you use the “Open attachment” option endnote will open the version it’s specifically looking at.

FWIW, there is a way to batch edit endnote references.  It’s under “Tools->Change and move fields” It will change and/or move every field in the currently displayed references.  I’ve used this before when I need to set a whole bunch of articles to a new “Reference Type” or if I find a typo in an authors name that was repeated several times.  It is, however permanent so use it at your own risk.  Although it seems you knew about that already, so I’m confused as to what your asking.

Finally on confirmation.  Endnote confirms trash emptying before you close endnote, and if you chose “No” it won’t empty the trash.  My guess is that’s why they haven’t put in a second confirmation.