Short Form is displayed before long reference

I’m using LibreOffice 4 with Endnote X7. The Problem occurs also in LibreOffice 3 and Endnote X6

Sometimes i’ve the Problem, that a reference in a footnote is displayed in short form, although it occurs first time.

FN 1: Hautmann 2012, Page 60.

FN 2: [other books].

FN 3: [other books].

FN 10; Hautmann, Austrian Police, 2012, page 60.

In the Citation Manager in Libre Office the Citation in FN 1 is displayed after the Citation in FN 10. How can i change the order?

I found a solution. Open the Citation Manager in Libre/Open Office. Mark the last citation, click on “Insert” and insert any title. Click on “Ok”. Now the Citations should be reorderd in that order the occur in the foodnote. Open the Citation Manager again, and remove the “Dummy”-title you inserted before.