Keyboard shortcuts for EndNote and Word 2016

I use keyboard shortcuts to insert EndNote ciations. For intsnace, using word 2013 i’d hit ALT+Y+C+C and Endnote FInd & Insert windows would pop up. However, thigns changed with word 2016, now it requires hitting ALT Y1 Y1 C to open the same window, and the problem is that somehow the hotkeys change back and forth from time to time between ALT Y1 Y1 C and ALT Y1 Y5 C and its very annoying and uncomfortable. Has anyone had similar experience? What is causing the hotkeys to change?  is there any way to change the hotkeys to the previous version of ATL Y CC, which was the fastest?

My OS is Windows 10.

Those commands don’t work “out of the box” for me in Word 2013 (I haven’t yet let my machine upgrade me to 2016).  

searching for keyboard in endnote help, I get options to read these topics:

CWYW Keyboard Commands for Word (with a table of commands) which has a link to this topic:

Keyboard shortcuts in Word (change the key command assignments)  

and some other topic links at the end:

Editing Keyboard Commands

Menu Keyboard Commands

Shortcut Menus

Thank you, searching the EndNote help i found that simple ALT+7 does the job, changed that to ALT+1 for convenience and it works like a charm now.

Although it does not amtter anymore it still remains a mystery to me why the hotkeys would change (talking about ATL Y1 Y1 C changing to ALT Y1 Y5 C for no obvious reason).

I suspect it is Word that changed hot keys and that one or more conflicted?