Shortcuts for Search Panel

Dear Endnote Developers,

I’m using Endnote since Version X2 and it has become one of the most important „helpers“ in my scientific work routines. In the course of this I got used to several shortcuts, that made the usage of endnote easier. Two of the shortcuts most used are Strg + M for navigating back to “all references” and Strg + F for bringing the cursor to the search panel.
Both of them were working perfectly fine in Endnote X9, however, it seems that both shortcuts are not longer working in Endnote 20. Ó_Ò
I contacted the Product support and asked for the new shortcuts, however, I was informed that you do “not have such feature in EndNote 20 that creates a shortcut to navigate to all references and also a shortcut that brings the cursor to the search panel.”

Seriously? Why?

I see no logical reason in removing such essential operating functions of a program.

Now, every time we want to quickly search for a reference, do we have to reach for the mouse or Tochpad, click on “All References” in the upper left corner, and then click in the search box? Sorry but this is just more complicated, more time-consuming, and totally unnecessary…

Please, please, please bring these shortcuts back in an update as soon as possible - until then I will unfortunately be forced to downgrade back to x9.

Best Regards


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