How can I set the "All panels visible" as default in Reference Edit window; and what's the keyboard command for "search"?

Hello everyone,

Can anyone point me to how I can set the “all panels visible” as a default for the Reference Edit window? Anytime I want to read a PDF attachment, I have to click on it again. (At least for that reference, it seems to save it as a setting.)

Also, is there some keyboard command for searching a PDF and for setting the cursor into the search box? When I want to search a PDF, I have to always click on that glass icon and then also manually click into the search field. Would be a lot speedier if I had some keyboard commands handy.

Thanks a lot,


Keyboard command for “search”? Anyone?

That would help a lot. Thanks.


Does that work on windows? It doesn’t on Mac, neither CTRL-F nor CMD-F.

Just to avoid confusion: I’m talking about the reference edit window here. Thanks.

Maybe you are looking for Endnote’s “Go to” command which is Windows is Ctrl+J.  Not sure exactly sure from where you are searching…