Shutting off scanning for unmatched references

Dear all,

I have been having problems with my Cite while you write. After reformatting the Vancouver output style, my Word document keeps scanning for unmatched references, and refuse to acknowledge that I have ignored all attempts to match the references because the sections the programme picked up are just brackets in text!

I have tried switching off instant formatting, but it just made the reference revert to the (author, year) format, which is not what I want. Could someone help me with this? It is a long document, so it is very time consuming to click Ignore every time, and having to look for where I left off because the cursor keeps jumping back up to the top.

Thanks in advance for your help!


The best thing to do is to make sure that the endnote temporary delimiters are something not used in your text.  Curly brackets usually work for this (the default) in case you have changed it.  Otherwise picking two unique characters you don’t use as delimiters usually solves the problem.  These can be changed in the format bibliography menu or in the preferences.