SIGLE/ in-text citation

I use in-text citation: (Smith, 1985:12)

Some authors I use regularly and therefore I would like to use a sigle for the work, such as

(SN: 12)

SN = Smith, Jeff (1985): »Some Title«, Place: MIT Press

How can I archive this?

One option would be to create additional in-text citations but I couldn’t manage to add another template apart from the two templates provided by endnote (1 = Citation, 2 = Citation - Author (Year))

Next I tried to modify the »Citation - Author (Year) style to suit my needs which didn’t work.

Another option would be to enter the Sigle for example as a Short Title field and then modify the in-text citation to show

(SN:12) if there is a Short Title and

(Smith, 1985: 12) if there the Short Title field is empty

Unfortunately I couldn’t find any »if then« clause in endnote (which really is a shame. I could use if then clauses all the time creating more sophisticated output styles)

As MOST scientific papers use sigles together with long in-text citations I wonder how they archieve this result. I don’t think that none of those scientists uses endnote. I can’t believe that this function is not included. I guess, I am just to stupid to find out how to do it.

Therefore I am asking you geniuses out there:

How is it possible to use sigles with endnote (without to much fuss)???

And: Is it possible to create my own index of sigles automatically?

AND (for the record) I do not want to do the following:

(Smith, 1985:12)

Use a prefix: »SN:«

and then exclude author and year to get

(SN: 12)

There must be an INTELLIGENT solution! I don’t want to use some tiresome work-around.

(That was the first solution I figured out but I want to have it done automatically by endnote. That’s what I expect from a so called professional reference manager)

I just learned from the user LEANNE that not everyone is familiar with sigles. What is a sigle?

To put it simple: It is a short form or a symbol used as an abbreviation in citations.

(Smith: 1985:12) => (SN, 12)

Most of the time, the title of the Work is used. 

SN = Smith, Jeff (1985): »Some Note«, Place: MIT Press.

S (some)

N (note)

Please look again at the example (context) provided. It should be understandable. If needed I can explain it in detail. (Besides this has a nice tradition reaching back to the first copyists of latin texts :slight_smile: