Single-click "view PDF" button and double-click to open PDF

The current way to view a PDF is unintuitive and took me a while to figure out. I imported my references from another manager and double-clicked an item to open the PDF. My initial reaction was, “Oh no, EndNote did not import the PDFs – just the metadata.” The most prominent button on the right panel is “Attach file”. This is confusing, and it takes a while to realize that the PDF is accessible via the drop-down menu the “Attach file” button. Not only is this unintuitive, but this takes a lot of mouse navigation to open a PDF. Browsing around and opening several PDFs is more time-consuming and laborious than it needs to be. Let users double-click to open a PDF (have a preference to default to open in EndNote viewer or the OS reader, since those are currently the options in the drop-down menu) and move the “Attach file” buttom to a drop-down item, or put it next to an “open PDF” button. Thank you.

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