Smart Groups would Kill! Also, a robust notes editor.... Dare to dream?

I love the Groups feature. I don’t know how EN was useful before it. Anyhow, I think this feature could be made much more powerful by adding filtering. So, for instance, it would be amazing if you could create a group to filter by keywords, or other fields. I would love to be able to filter by keyword, but also be able to drag something out of a group that was keyword filtered to manually exclude it. Exclusion and inclusion criteria would make this simply a powerhouse feature. The other main thing I would love to see is a much more robust note taking feature. I find the notes field completely uninspiring for note taking. Perhaps a little editor application with some more robust features like outlining would make me want to use EN for notetaking as well as storing bibliographic data.

We have added “Smart Groups” to the upcoming version of EndNote - X2. This will be available for Windows at the end of this month and for Macintosh in the early fall.


Great! That should be an incredible feature. I wasn’t very specific about the improvements to the editor. I personally find that it’s not that inspiring to work in the notes editor of EN. Improvements in functionality would be great. Also, I wanted to suggest the ability to be able to open more than one instance of the same library. This would permit opening windows in different group filter states and would allow dragging from window to window. Cheers,