suggestions for EN mac

My shortlist of ESSENTIAL changes:

  1. EN is the only bibliographical app I’ve tried that CANNOT show you the location of your search hits. I.e.: when I search “test” in my database I may get a list of records that contain the word test, but will have no idea WHERE in the record they occur. I’m thus obliged (this is insane) to copy my ‘notes’ field into a word processor and repeat the search, to find the location of the word. Pretty silly…

  2. The interface remains clunky and very un-mac like. I guess this is just not a priority for you guys; it’s too bad.

  3. Another important one: if you create a smart group, often the group will update (re-sort) WHILE you’re editing a record. Pretty silly. It happens all the time. I’ll click on a record and edit it in the reference window, only to have another record entirely be substituted for it a few seconds later as I’m trying to type.

1.  At least on the PC version,  Ctrl J or the “Go to” command in the References menu is the search option you are looking for.  I know, hardly intuitive.