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I have seen an answer to my question for different citing styles, but none of the tips has worked for me.

I am using Harvard style and edited it to include cited pages. Even though it works fine when I use Author (Year), when I cite it normally, I get an extra space before the parenthesis when I leave the pages field blank. Example:

With cited pages: (Berglund, 2018, pp. 805-808)

Without cited pages: (Berglund, 2018 )

Can you help me? I have attached my style edition.

Thank you!


Did you save as to a different name and use that newly named file in your document ribbon?  (because it looks right!) - can you actually save the style into a zip file and attach it?   

Hi Leanne,

No, I’ve tested it and it’s the same one.

the same one as what?  you can’t save to same name or there will actually be two of them, and Endnote doesn’t use the new one.  

Sorry, I meant I am using the new one - when I edit the style on EndNote, and update citations and bibliography on Word, it reflects the changes I have made to my style.

so can you zip it and attach so I can look and try it?  (the forum doesn’t accept output styles as a file type allowed.  

There you go, thank you! (3.31 KB)

Had a quick look at your style and all OK. Make sure that you have saved it under a NEW name. Don’t call it Harvard instead try something like Harvard Pages. Open the style then File Save As.

Adding a cited page is fine as is no cited page. So check your reference in the library and make sure that you do not have an extra space at the end of the Year in your library reference. 

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