Space / no space before citations

Some journals request a space before a citation, some do not. E.g. “… text [ref].” vs. “… text[/superscript]ref.”
Endnote does not include this space in their output styles. I tried to edit the output style (Eur J Nuc Med Molec Imaging) to include this space: “ [Bibliography Number]” (I know that this worked in Reference Manager ten years ago), but in EndNote X9, this led to a space before each citation, also within a range “ [1, [2, [3, [4, [5, [6, [7, [8].”
I have already contacted EndNote support about this, but their only solution was to manually insert or remove spaces before citations via “search and replace” in Word.

Therefore, I would like to suggest to add the presence or absence of a space before the citations in each output style. I think this would be a great improvement in functionality of EndNote. Thanks in advance!

Instead of putting a conventional space, try to insert a “link adjacent” space from the insert field dropdown.  In my version of Endnote, that works fine, while a conventional space results in your output.  (and someone should let Endnote support know).