spacing in footnotes

When I insert endnote citations into footnotes they always come through double spaced and I have to manually change them. Even after I switched the format bibliography setting to single-spaced, and the citations go there single-spaced but are still double in the footnotes themselves. Any idea how to fix this?


1.  Start by saving a backup copy of your document.

2.  In Word 2007, click the dialog launcher in the Styles group on the “Home” tab.  The mentioned dialog launcher icon looks like the diagonal arrow that appears beneath the “Change Styles” drop down.

3.  On the Styles drop down, click “Options…”, choose “All styles” from the “Select styles to show” menu and press “OK”.

4.  Find the “Footnote Text” style from the Styles drop down, right click on this style and left click “Modify”.

5.  You will find the line spacing settings near the middle of the “Modify Style” window.  Be sure to choose the “Single Space” icon and then press “OK”.

Your footnotes should now all appear with single space formatting.  Please let me know if this works for you.

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