specific legal citation (Germany)


I have a Problem with the citation from endnote in Word 2016 (mac). 

I would like to cite a edited book with multiple (section) authors.

It should appear in the document als follows: short title-second author, section, cited pages. 

But in the bibliography it should only appear the book with editors (sorted with the full title in place of author) and only one time. (e.g. full title, editor, volume, date, publisher, place published). 

My “solution” was to generate a seperate record for every section from this book. But in Word 2016 the porgramm can not differentiate between the different records (although they have different record numbers) and cites every time the same from the first citation. So the Author and Section for the following citations are wrong. 

Thank you for your help!

As cumberson as it sounds, it seems like this is an example of a citation you will need to edit in each instance, to hide the automatic author, and enter the text as you want it to appear, in the prefix field (right click in formated citation and edit>citation>more)

Interesting. Offhand, it might be possible to create a workaround to address both issues but would like to verify. Could you: 1) attach/provide your output style file or identified it is; and 2) presents specific examples that illustrate the problematic citations and bibliography entry with the actual data and not the field names (short title-second author, section, cited pages; full title, editor, volume, date, publisher, place published? (If you’re able to is attach a screenshot illustrating the problem or if you can’t attach files, show the results in a posting?