Lord have mercy.  You would think I was simulating quantum dynamics of every atom in the universe or something.  Why does endnote X2 take forever to start up?  And why does it take forever for the style manager to load?  Really.  I wish endnote had some competition in the windows market.  I would jump *so* fast.  Zotero is looking better and better.  Endnote is such a frustrating piece of software.  It’s like it carries a century of old, bad code with it or something.

Here’s a hint Thomson: re-build it from scratch!  It wouldn’t be that hard.  It’s not that complex a program.

One of the reason Endnote X2 loads so slowly is because it reads >3000 styles in the Styles folder in Program Files/Endnote X2 folder before it starts up. It used to be reading just the style folder designated by the preferences, but it now reads both the user-set style folder AND the Styles folder in the Program Files/Endnote X2 folder.

I think this modification in X2 is a bad idea becase nobody needs >3000 styles all the time. I actually make “Unused styles” folder in the Program Files/Endnote X2 folder, relocate all the >3000 styles to the Unused styles folder, and place some essential templates into the Styles folder. Then, X2 starts up like a snap. But, hey, when I update the program, >3000 styles are extracted from the archive and start up is slow again!

I think it is better to keep the Styles folder with minimum number of style templates, like “Numbered”, “Harvard” and “Show all fileds”, and store all these >3000 templates in the folder that EN does NOT read at start up.

I will post the same comment to the product suggestion board as well.

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yeah - absolutely no reason to read them all in at startup.  If they do want to have them available via a menu, then they could build some sort of index file, instead of reading in all the different style files.