delay in inserting citation

When I click on the “insert citation” button in X2, it takes about a minute.  The old version did it instantly.  I spent a lot of money on this upgrade and it is frustrating to have it work less efficiently.

The easiest way to speed up EndNote operations related to formatting and bibliographic styles is to edit down the list of output Styles files that EndNote needs to read through. If you regularly only use a few styles, you can move the others to another folder so that EndNote does not need to read through them every time you try to format or launch a window. There is more information related to folder locations in the EndNote PDF manual in Chapter 19.

Jason Rollins, EndNote Product Development


I having the same problem so can you please be a bit more specific ??

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The place where these style files are usually installed is Program Files/EndNote X2/Styles but it could be different, that’s just the default. Move the ones you don’t use (but not all of them) out of that folder and things should work much faster.