Formating references style after update them on Office Word


I having a problem when inserting and updating cites and references (at the end of my document) in a Word paper.

On Word references I modify my References Style, as well as my Hyperlinks Style, for example: Arial / size 9, for references and the same for Hyperlinks, but when I insert a new cite, it comes with another styles. Also the new cites in text appear with different styles than the new ones.

How can I manage these styles using Word and Endnote x5 without to keep my preferent styles?

Thank you in advance.


I find the option which changes the text format (see attached file).

And for hanging text or indent I follow the post “Hanging indent not working”, and changing the option in the windows to edit the personal reference style, in Bibliography–> Layout, I stwiched between All paragraphs but first and All paragrphs. To do EndNote working I had to restart both, Word and Endnote, and all go fine now.