Suggestions to the "Find Full Text"-function


I have two suggestions to the „Find Full Text”-function (great function!).

If I use this function, every found pdf-document is saved in its own folder at the moment. The name of the folder consists of “First author-Year-Beginning of the document title-Arbitrarily number”, and the name of the pdf consists almost of the same records (the number is missing).

My suggestions are:

You should make it possible to save all pdfs automatically in a single folder.

It would be great if you enable the user to create automatically its own file names. The Document Download Manager of ScienceDirect uses at the moment a function where one can choose to save all pdf-documents with the name e.g. “First Author-Year-Document title”. So I think such an extension of the „Find Full Text”-function should be possible.

I hope you realize my suggestions in the next EndNote version if possible.