Supress entry from bibliography


I would like to know whether there’s any way to tell Endnote to hide some entries from the bibliogrphy, although these entries are cited in-line. This applies, for example, to all entries such as “personal communication” and some other types of works that I appreciate having Endnote handling them, but that I do not want them to appear in the bibliography.

Also, I am using Endnote to manage references within the book itself (for example “as Nicolas (Chapter 3) wrote…”) that should also not appear in the bibliography.

Thanks a lot for your help,


I suggest that these are the situations where you just type what you want to appear.  Why add the complexity of having endnote handle them and then add the complexity of telling endnote to ignore them? 

BUT, I suppose you could create a reference type which has a blank template for your style (not NO template, which would default to generic), but if it is a numbered format, it would probably still have the number, but nothing in it… Don’t know what would happen for Author, Date references.  Blank paragraph?  I suppose it is worth a try? 

But another approach would be, as a final step before submission, you would select just those citations and unlink the fields (Shft+Ctrl+F9), so they appear as Endnote inserted them, but they will no longer be recognized as endnote fields and will disappear from the reference list upon reformatting.