+ symbols in front of groups sets are lost

Hi All,

After updating to X3.0.1, I lost “+” symbols in front of all the groups sets. This happened in two PCs (Win XP, SP3), so it could be a small glitch. I can still expand/collapse group sets by clicking blank space in front of group sets, so functionally no problem. But a little annoying, of course. If you have a similar experience, pleast post yours here. Thanks.

It actually happend in Vista Ultimate 64bit machine as well. So, it must be reproducible one.

Can you please document the font name and font size you are using? Thanks!

I did not have this problem. on XP machines at home or at work. 

Arial Unicode MS, 12pt

I’m using Arial 9pt.

Ah, yes, I did a small experiment. I changed “Library” font to 11 and larger, then + symbol came back!

Smaller than 10, I lose them. Very reproducible.

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