Sync error on waking computer


I really like 7.0.1–much improved from 6, and I really appreciate being able to hide those pesky ratings stars.  The team has done well.

One issue I am having, though, is when waking my MacBook Pro.  Every time I wake the machine, it takes a few seconds to connect to my router.  In that time of limbo, Endnote attempts to sync with the online server and cannot make the connection (no internet connection is available yet).  Though my MBP makes the connection momentarily, the error does not  clear itself up.  Instead, the dock icon starts bouncing and I have to manually clear the error.

Does anyone know of a way to fix/stop this?  I want the auto-sync to my Endnote online database, but it should be able to figure out on its own when the internet connectivity goes up.  Can I delay the sync?

change the langage of mbp to english