Synchronizing problems with Endnote and Web of Knowledge on author names

There is a difference in the author’s name format when one add a reference through clicking the “Save to: Endnote Web” on Web of Knowledge site and through direct search for the reference in the Endnote Web. If a reference is added through WOK, the first and middle name of the author is separated and recognized by the the Word’s Endnote add-on as separate entities and work just fine; for example, Charles A. Goss, shows up as C. A. Goss in bibliography. If the reference is added by searching for it in Endnote web, the first and middle initials are meshed together and the Word add-on treat it as a single word; CA Goss, shows up as C. Goss, no middle initial.

This is a big problem since I just found that out and I have over 100 references stored in Endnote web in the “no middle initials” format because I add most of references through searching them in Endnote Web. The only solution I can think of is to manually separate out the first and middle initials in the Endnote Web which will defeats the whole purpose of having Endnote.