Table of Authorities?

Can EndNote format a table of authorities? (Not a bibliography)

In a quick test, where my citations were inserted from endnote and then I followed the instructions here:  I was able to mark endnote citations using the Word tool in a test document and insert the “index-like” table of Authorities.  Since my paper wasn’t a law like document,  I wasn’t really able to see if that worked as it should though.  

Thanks for trying it out.

Is there a trick (i.e., setting) that keeps EndNote from erasing the TA codes when it updates the format? Word is putting the TA fields inside the EndNote field, and when it updates, it erases all of them.

I guess I would wait until I was done with the draft, make a copy to archive and then remove the endnote field codes.  I didn’t go beyond the first trial, but yes, I could see the use of endnote fields and Word’s fields could be a serious conflict.  I was surprised it worked at all!