Is it possible to add the custom tags to an output style?

Dear all,

Is it possible to add custom tags to an output style?
I would like to export my references to an Excel sheet and one of the fields I’d like to have is related to the Tag that each article has.

Thank you in advance

Not exactly sure what you are trying to accomplish, but there is the option to copy or edit a field – also would need to know which version of Endnote you are using…

have you tried to explore the help function in endnote. I see a topic " Creating a Custom Tagged Format

Creating a Custom “Tagged” Format

which may have the information you are looking for? (I am using Endnote X9.3 on windows machine)

I am using EndNote 21.2, for Windows.
My problem is the following:
When I am exporting a set of references using an “Output Style” I can decide which fields matter to me and, thus, export the fields that are relevant to me, correct?
In total I have 4000 references and each reference has a Tag. I would also like to add, as a field in Output Style, the tag.

There’s no option inside “Output Styles” that makes me add the tag’s i created as a field. Is there any way to do so?

the problem is that different ref types have different defined field names, and that to export them, you need to use a generic term and use the “generic” output style template. I don’t do this - so really don’t have the skill set to answer your question. where do you save these “tags”?