Arrange Figures and Tables AFTER References per Journal instructions in Endnote X8

Could someone please help me with this? I am using Endnote X8. The Journal I am planning to submit to requires me to put the Figures and Tables AFTER the References. 

In order to do this, ordinarily I would

  • finalize my paper (with Figures and Tables BEFORE the References which sit at the end by default),
  • strip out the Endnote field codes (so that everything is set, including references in Tables and Figures),
  • THEN manually cut and paste the Figures and Tables after the reference list.

I don’t know how to work with Figures and Tables as Endnote elements. (I have never used Endnote to format Figures and Tables before.)

However, if there is a way to do this Reference >> Figure >> Table placement in Endnote X8, so that I don’t have to strip the field codes, that would be awesome. (Because, then, if I need to add or remove any further reference, the reorganization would be automatic via the field codes.)

Please point me to the right direction! Thank you in advance. ~~ Kausik

If you turn off auto formating on the endnote ribbon, you can cut and paste the references list to where ever you want, and it will stick there – (if you don’t turn it off, it will auto create the references again, before you can paste them).  

I don’t recommend using Endnote tools for tables or for figures.  It is not flexible enough.  

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Thank you. I realized my Figures and Tables did not have references in them, so I simply cut and pasted them after a page break placed at the end of the References. 

The problem with this (as well as with your solution) is that (I think) if I change any reference and re-run Endnote to generate the bibliography, it will again create the changed reference list at the end of the document, right?

I have been using Endnote for a while too. However, I thought Endnote X8 could handle Figures and Tables, since the Style file for my journal actually had entries for Figures and Tables. Heh! :smileyvery-happy:

In any case, I have marked your response as the solution. Thank you very much for your help.

Nope   - the references list should stick where you put it now (either way, by moving it or by putting a page break or section break at the end as you did, I think), unless you unformat the document to temporary citations.  

Also Endnote should pick up the citations, even if they are in legends after the reference list, it might not number them in the right order if they are in order of appearance though.   


(I did mean the unformatting and reformatting part. Sometimes I need to do this when other authors put in references from their own databases, causing all sorts of problems.)

In any case, thanks again. This was helpful.

yes, well in that case, I would leave the references in the wrong place until I was ready to submit.