Endnote X2 - How to generate list of figures

I know how to work with references (journal articles), cite them in the document, play around around with all the usual stuff, and generate a bibliographic list at the end of the document.

I have figures in the body of the document, citing the figures in-text, such that figures appear after immediately afetr the citation say after the paragraph. I have Figure number and Captions. Style used in document is Numbered.

Question - How do I generate a list of figures. My references appear as a list at the end of the document, but I do not have a list of figures. 

Specific instructions on generating a list of figures or table of figures is greatly appreciated. Same question applies to working with tables in Endnote

Thank you

In order for EndNote to generate a list of figures, each of the figures in your document must be the result of inserting a corresponding entry in your EndNote library.  Moreover, each of the figure entries in your EndNote library must have a caption entered in the “Caption” field as this is how the list is generated.  (This also follows for working with tables.)

When you insert a figure reference from your EndNote library into your document, a list will be automatically generated if you have the “Instant Formatting” turned on.  Otherwise, click the “Update Citations and Bibliography” button to update/generate the list.

You can check the manuals and tutorials on the Thomson Reuters EndNote support site for info:


Yes I already did that. I inserted them manually into the library, kept a captions, and cited them.

I am using Word 2007.  According to the manual, “Update Citations and Bibliography” should generate a list at the end of the document, however it is not. What am I missing?

I think there is some confusion between generating a list, and generating a “Table of Figures”.  Endnote either inserts the figure in the place you put it, or makes a “List” of figures (and captions) at the end, the way many journals prefer them, rather than embedded in the document, as you might do for a grant, for example.  Which of these are you looking for?

If you actually want but aren’t getting the list at the end (rather than “in-place” in the document), check the Endnote Output Style parameters to make sure you have the correct settings there.

I actually never use Endnote’s figure/table capablilites nor do I suggest that my students writing a thesis use that capability because the Wordprocessing options are so much more powerful and adaptable in this regard. 

If you do want a Table of Figures, it may be that if you can attach a “figure” paragraph style and a “table” style (wordprocessor styles, not Endnote Output styles), to the Figure title in the caption, the word processor might be able to generate a table from the inserted information, but I I really don’t have time to try it with all the end of year projects I have at my real job as a scientist.  So sorry. 

Perhaps you could “unlink the fields” and add the paragraph styles manually, or Endnote might adopt them automatically (at least the figures might be the correct paragraph style as “captions”?  They need to be in frames and not text boxes, just like references you want picked up in order. 

See page 36 of USING MICROSOFT WORD TO CREATE A THESIS from the University of New England (in Australia?) - but it is a Word 2003 version.  I have an older similar reference guide printed and stuffed into my office for dummies book as I have to figure out how to do this all over again for each student as software updates occur between students!  I suspect there are probably other versions out there. 

I wish to insert the figure in the place I put it, i.e. embedded in the document. This is so that I can move the figures up and down in the document along with their respective citations.

I need to prepare a List of figures / Table of figures in my thesis which would contain figure number, caption and page number. 

I think you might be right, if I can use the figure and caption, and use Word to generate a Table of Figures, it might work. Shall let you know if I am able to link them using Word.

Thanks a lot

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I concur with Leanne that if a List of Figures/List of Tables is needed, it’s preferable to turn to MS Word’s capacity to generate the list rather than EndNote.  (Thanks Leanne for clearing up the confusion.) 

Using MS Word’s ability to generate List of Figures/List of Tables will necessitate creating captions - which will result in two sets of captions in your document: one set generated from EndNote, the second generated from MS Word. 

Suggest doing the following:

  1. Remove the Endnote captions by returning to each of corresponding references in your EndNote library and deleting the entry in the “Caption” field.

  2. Generate captions and the “List” in MS Word:

Inserting Captions for Figures/Tables:

  1. Go to the MS Word toolbar, click the REFERENCES tab.

  2. Within the “References” tab, click the INSERT CAPTION option - which will cause the “Caption” pop-up box to appear.

  3. For figures, check that the “Label” box displays the word “Figure”.  (If you’re working with a table, click the pull-down tab and change the selection to “Table”.

  4. In the “Caption” field, “Figure 1” will be shown and you can then type-in the description.  You could also change “Figure 1” to “Fig. 1”  or another variation if preferred but the number (1) must be included.

  5. When the caption is completed, click OK which will insert the caption into the document. Go to the next figure in the document and repeat steps #2-4 until all figures have been captioned.

Generate List (Figures/Tables): 

  1. To generate the list put your cursor on the page in your document where you want the list to be displayed.  Then go to the Word toolbar, select the REFERENCES tab, then click INSERT TABLE OF FIGURES which will display the "Table of Figures pop-up box.

  2. The default settings include showing page numbers, right alignment, and tab leader (ellipses but you can change the selection by clicking the pull-down menu). 

  3. Under “General”, check that the caption label is set to “Figure” and the “Include label and number” has been checked. (If working with tables, the caption label should be set to “Table”.)

  4. Click OK and the list will be generated, showing both captions and corresponding page numbers.


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