The 'sort by title' seems to omit the articles at the beginning of the tile

I tried to sort all the records by the titles of those papers. However, it semms that the ‘sort by title’ does not consider the articles such as ‘a’, ‘an’, ‘the’.

For example, there are three papers titled with

1.Measurement development  in social media

2.A classification method in social media, and 

3.The Data mining in social media 

When I sort  by title, the order of the records is 2,3,1 (because the endnote seems to ommite the ‘a’ and ‘the’ at the beginning of the titles).  But I hope it would generate an order of  2,1,3. How should I configure the endnote?

It’s accepted practice to sort titles by omitting articles from the bibliography sort process. To include the articles is unconventional and would require a workaround since Endnote does not have an automated means to perform this type of sort – so suggest you reconfirm that including articles is required.