Sorting Bibliog probs in ENX1 (Build 2377)/Mac OS X 10.4.11/Word 2k4 11.5.0

I’m using ENX1 (Build 2377) on Mac OS X 10.4.11 and Word 2k4 11.5.0
Having problems with sorting a formatted Bibliography with Oxford Author-Title output style>Custom Sort: First Author, Title, Year

I have added a list of articles to ignore in Preferences>Sorting>Title fields in both lower/upper case eg The/the, Le/le etc. However, the references sort correctly on-screen (ie the article is omitted) but incorrectly when I format the Bibliography. The latter sort includes the article and so I get “The Afternoon…” after “S”

This is weird, I would have thought the Sorting prefs would have applied to both the on-screen and format bibliogs. Am I missing something?


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Testing ENX2 on Windows xp and word 2003

I get it to sort according to your parameters. I didn’t have to put in uppercase, lowercase variations. a, the etc were enough (the defaults)  - Did you make your sort changes in Bibliography and then “same as bib” in citation in the style?  The sorting settings in the style don’t have the option “first author” just the author field…

Hi Leanne

I’ll be a little more specific. I’ve made some tweaks as I continue to experiment.

In ENX1 Preferences>Sorting>Title Fields [I’ve only included foreign language in/definite articles]: il; la; le; lo; el; l

In Oxford-Author Title output style:
Citations>Sort Order: ‘Don’t Sort’
Bibliography>Sort Order>Other: Custom 7 (I’ve used this to do a sectional grouping ‘Music Scores’)+Author+Title+Year (Sort Language: English)

The records I’ve got have titles in English, Italian, Spanish, and French (here’s a selection):

Firstly in English: you’ll notice that ‘An Emotional…’ entry sorts by the indef. article. The ENX1 default should pick up ‘an’ and sort the record by ‘E’ (I’ve checked the record title to make sure there isn’t any non-breaking space between the ‘An’ and the ‘Emotional’) so I’ve got no idea why this is happening?

POMPILI, CLAUDIO, ‘AES/EBU or spdif convertor?’, [email list server], (DAW-MacListMessages, 1996, updated 25 January), 1996.
——, ‘An Emotional Geography of Australian Composition—Claudio Pompili’, Sounds Australian Journal, 34/Winter (1992), 26.
——, Analysis of Webern’s Quartet, Opus 22 (1930), [unpublished lecture] 1980 rev. 1988, Armidale.
——, ‘Art and Technology’, Artlink, 3/4 (September–October 1983), 1.
——, Bamboo Chimes & Egyptian Bells SFX [sound effects], [compact disc audio], (Adelaide: Selve Amiche Publications, July 2002), Pompili, Claudio (rec. eng.), 7:36.
——, CCMM In Action [paper on Australian contemporary classical multicultural music], [unpublished paper], Thursday 11 September 2003, Adelaide, ‘Nexus ‘Finding The Way Forward’ Symposium’.

In mix of languages mostly Italian and Spanish (the entries are all sorted by the first alpha characters in title ignoring the Sorting omit in/def. articles defined above):

——, Ah, amore che sè n’ando nell aria! for clarinet/bass clarinet, viola and ‘cello, [full score] (Sydney: Australian Music Centre, 1991–94, rev. 2000), Dur. c.20’, 28.
——, Citlalin Tlamina (the star shoots a dart) quartetto per flauto, clarinetto, violino & violoncello, [full score] (Sydney: Australian Music Centre, 1985, rev. 1986, 1991, 1996), Dur. c.11’, 38.
——, El grito deja en el viento una sombra de ciprés for alto saxophone and percussion, [full score] (Sydney: Australian Music Centre, 1995), Dur. c.3’.
——, El viento lucha a obscuras con tu sueño for bass clarinet/alto saxophone and percussion, [full score] (Sydney: Australian Music Centre, 1991–93, rev. 1994–96), Dur. c.20’, 28.
——, Fra l’urlo e il tacere for bass clarinet, [full score] (Sydney: Australian Music Centre, 1994, rev. 2000–06), Dur. c.19’, 19.
——, Il Chiosco del Limpido Autunno for baroque flute, marimba and two percussionists; also transcribed for alto sax or oboe or piccolo and percussion, [score] (Sydney: Australian Music Centre, 1994), Dur. c.30’.
——, Il fiore senz’ombra for clarinet/bass clarinet, [full score] (Sydney: Australian Music Centre, 1993), Dur. c.6’.
——, L’Isola for solo trumpet, [score] (Sydney: Australian Music Centre, 1986), Dur. c.5’.
——, La Madonna Emigrante. Incidental music for brass ensemble, concert band and itinerant folk ensemble, [full score] (Sydney: Australian Music Centre, 1987, rev. 1989; 1987), Dur. c.60’.
——, Lo spazio stellato si riflette in suoni… for baroque flute and percussion, [full score] (Sydney: Australian Music Centre, 1990, rev. 1996–), Dur. c.26’.

hope this is clearer
cheers, claudio

just to resolve this thread, I’ve heard back from Tech Support and it is a bug:


I’m very sorry for the delay in replying – I was hoping to have something substantive to report before I got back in touch with you.  This is a complicated issue, and I tested it on several machines with several different configurations.  I am able to reproduce on a few different versions and operating systems, and am currently communicating with our development team about potential patches and workarounds. 

We don’t have anything to offer in the way of solutions right now, though I will say that this sort feature is functioning as expected in the Windows version of EndNote X1, so if switching platforms is a possibility, I would recomment that. 

Otherwise, as soon as I learn anything more, I will let you know immediately.