There are no references selected in the frontmost EndNote library

In trying to help a student get started in EndNote, we created her first library. I imported 2 references and was going to illustrate how to use the CWYW feature. I consistently got this message, even though I created another new library. I saw a posting from 2008 about not saving the library as a package, but the library definitely had an extenstion of enl (using Word 2007 on a PC). Thank you for any advice on solving this. 

Did you perform a search within EndNote to obtain the records? If so, did you copy them to the local library? Make sure you see the references in the Local Library mode under All References before you try using the tools in Word. For more information on the library Modes, please see this article:

If the problems persist, please let us know which version of EndNote you are using and how you imported the references.