There are no references selected in the frontmost EndNote library.

Hi i’m new to endnote and need it for a paper due in on Monday.

I have the latest version install plus the latest version of word for mac 15.31.

When I click to “insert citation” from endnote I get the following message in my word document " There are no references selected in the frontmost EndNote library"

Does anyone know how to fix this?

I trialled exactly the same thing on a small macbook I have using endnote 7 and word 15.30

If anyone can help I’d be most grateful as I’ve heard good things about endnote and thought it would help but so far it’s been nothing but a pain


thanks i’m new this forum

So in word, have first tried “go to endnote” before selecting a citation and then using the insert citation icon on the top, right and see if that works.  Sometime you just need Word and endnote to know exactly which “word” document it should be talking to.  

Hi David

In EndNote, there are three icons on the top left - a folder icon, a globe icon and a globe within folder icon. Please select the globe within folder icon. This is the integrated library and online search mode where whatever referenes you search for and want to add can directly go into your library. Word doc can recognize only from your library forefront, not from online search mode.

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Hi David,

In endnote, there are three icons on the top left. You have to click on the icon on top left that looks like a globe within a folder. Dont enable the icons with the globe only. The icon that has the globe within a folder is integrated library with online search mode. With this enabled, you can both search for ref and automatically get it in the library forefront. Word doc can only recognize from this mode, and not from the online mode (globe icon).

Sameera Iqbal

yes i share the same point of view with you