Thinking about purchasing Endnote - will it solve problems I have?

I lost my book’s bibliography in Word 2012 when my computer crashed. I had an external hard drive but iot wasnt saved when the programme was restored…

I have to get a uni student to redo  a lot of work. She originally transferred my manual bibliography into Microsoft Word .


The student uses her uni version of Easy for checking the format. I am now thinking it is better to get the programme myself. My question is. Will this back up and how safe is it if I lose my Word programme again?.

I also had aother problem.I was about to tackle , and that is how to use this bibliography to redo my footnotes and to use them in the future. I know a lot of copying and pasting involved. I was using Chicargo style 15 and this indented the bibliography so would have had a problem using this for the footnotes.

Another problem I have is sentences in the footnotes using Word. You probably know all ot these problems referencing via word.

I just need some reassurance that this Endnote programme will overcome any problems associated with Word.

Your advice will be much  appreciated.I am quite desvestated at this point.

Word 2012?  Not familiar with that version? If you are using a beta product, Endnote may not be compatible. 

Assuming you got the version wrong, I suggest that you view some of the training videos and maybe signup for a new users webinar.  It is frustraing when you are “starting over” and trying to learn a new software product at the same time.  It seems like you shouldn’ t have lost everything.  A backup file should have been created that would allow recovery? 

Endnote can recover Word references, master lists and import them into an endnote library and  convert the citations to Endnote citations.

You can insert footnotes (using word) and insert citations or references into the footnote text.  But the footnote text is specific to the word document and not saved in Endnote.  I am not exactly sure what you mean about the  problem with the indented bibliography and Chicago Style?  Do you have any Endnote support on your campus (or from the student you mentioned)?   

You can download a free trial copy of the program to test for 30 days  too. 

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Many thanks Leanne

I did a bit more research and found the trial and I have downloaded it but I seem to be having some problems. I know I have stacks of room on my hard drive but it keeps disconnecting. All I get when I open the programme is one tool bar. but I will figure it out. There are four files in programmes which I thought was strange that they doent al lwork together…

Sorry, a typo. Word 2010.  Yes my student should have saved my work in Word but I am unable to see how it is done. I had to reinstall Office Suite after the hard drive was replaced. My thoughts are that this could happen again and I have no choice but to use an external programme and you have confirmed this. My Word docs will be ok so footnotes will be saved…

I need t go through the guide and  training videos. I see there is another software download I might need but will wait  until I go though all the material and videos to see what it is all about. Learning a new programme is holding me up as I hoped to be completed by Novemeber. I keep finding new resources through online newspapers. Where has the year gone?.

No I am not a student. I have been researching my family history for 30+ years and doing a book. I have a Post Grad qualification (mature age student) and an undergraduate degree with History and Politics majors. I am very firm on referencing using social sciences style that I am familiar with.  So I dont like doing this through my genealogy software referencing option which is a bit alien to me… The research has been equal  to a Masters Thesis so a lot or work involved. Maybe I should have had this programme years ago.

. Because I am an Australian I find that the library is not applicable to me so I started to look at how to create my own libraries. My student has the programme though her studies but the library is all set up. She referred to it a lot and took her a long time to recheck the format although mine was right. At the moment I cant envisage how easy it could be so need the trial. If it is as good as I think it is worth it even though it is expensive for me.

Thank you for your interest and I may have to call on the forum for a bit of advice later. I do appreciate time people give to newbies.

kind regards

@kaila wrote:


I did a bit more research and found the trial and I have downloaded it but I seem to be having some problems. I know I have stacks of room on my hard drive but it keeps disconnecting. 

You didn’t identify the version of Windows you’re using but hope your computer met the compatibility requirements for running EndNote - refer to specs here:


I am using window 7 Professional   32 bit  for a endnote v5 trial. However I think it happened because the trrial doesnt give me access to searching the internet for my libraries. I need to know if I can use my state records office library and state library.This was the main idea for the trial.


@kaila wrote:

 I need to know if I can use my state records office library and state library.


I was under the impression that the trial version allowed connecting to assorted libraries providing the libraries: 1) were not restricted (e.g., requiring a subscription/login/password), 2) there was a corresponding EndNote “connection file” or the library allowed for direct exporting into EndNote or generating a .txt or RIS file. What do you mean “…doesn’t give me access to searching the internet for my libraries”? How did you try to connect to the library?  Did you select and use the correct EndNote connection file before trying to connect to the respective library?

If the state record’s office doesn’t deem the documents open to the public and electronically available for downloading in some manner that also may be a factor. You might try checking with the office if and how they permit electronically searching of their archives and whether that includes use of EndNote.

As for the public libraries, you can check whether there’s a corresponding connection file available by searching for it on the EndNote support site:    and also check the library online to see if they have info about searching their catalog using software such as EndNote.