Word freezes


since a few weeks, and working on a 64/32 bit system, I have a very annoying problem. When working on Word documents in which I have incorporated Endnote citations, Word regularly freezes and launches Endnote automatically. The problematic part is, that after this occurs, I can not resume working on the Word document and all (unsaved) changes I have made, are lost! What is happening, and more importantly, how can this be solved!!! Without having to use another referencing system, preferably :frowning:

It usually happens after deleting a piece of text containing a reference, but today, it also happened after just deleting some excess returns.

Please help me, as I have a dissertation to finish!

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It just happened, AGAIN!

When it happens, it says: Endnote is wating for user information. Please switch to the endnote program. But switching to the endnote program does nothing to resolve this problem…

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This happens to me constantly. Dies anyone out there know why or how to resolve this?

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Not without sitting next to you.  I would call Tech support.  – it could be a corrupt citation in the manuscript or a corrupt library.  Does it only happen with one document?  If so, then the document is probably the culprit, and making a copy (always make a copy!)  and running thru the unformat citations, remove all field codes, then update citations and bibliography should fix it.  

If it is with any document, then make a copy of your library, and see if you can recover library from tools menu.  I also find trying to copy all the records from one library to another (but it will change all your record numbers) can help identify a record that “crashes” during the copy process.  

Finally, if your manuscript has other places where the citation temporary markers are used (curly brackets or square brackets, if you have made that change) it can cause a freeze when endnote can’t find a record that matches.  

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