Times Cited Field

Hello everyone,

I have a question regarding Reference Managers, specificaly the field “Times Cited”.

Web of science (amongst others) offers this extra information.

As far as I know Endnote online has the extra field for this (to also be able to sort them by), but does not allow automatic updating of this field (when it is missing or out of date).
Endnote desktop does seem to have the automatic updating of references, but does not offer the Times Cited field (it drops the information in the Notes).

Does anyone know of a Reference Manager, or has custom build found a way around this to:

(1) Have the extra field of Times Cited (including the option to sort by this)
(2) Automatically update references when this Times Cited field is empty or out of date

I’ve looked into several programs and forums but have been unsuccesful so far.

I’m hoping someone else knows of a way to do this.

Thank you kindly for all information.

Kind regards,