traveling bibliography from Pages'09 w/ X4

Dear All,

I’m writing my PhD thesis for various reasons in Pages’09, and have some problems with the bibliography.

First off, the thesis is a mixture of published papers which must be ‘as published’ in the thesis, meaning the original .pdfs, and non-published chapters (intro, etc) that are written in Pages. To complicate matters more, I have copy-pasted a paper into the thesis from word, but it lost the Endnote formating during the import.

At the end of the thesis, I’m supposed to present a bibliography that represents ALL citations in the thesis…

I have separate libraries for the published paper and the copy-pasted chapter.

Is there a clever way of organizing this? I thought of exporting a bibliography from the pages document, merging them in endnote with the other libraries, let endnote spit out a rtf doc and copy-pasting this into my Thesis…

However, I cannot find the function to allow exporting bibliographies in Pages’09.

Is there a way of exporting, and if not, is there a non-manual way of doing this? Your help would be very much appreciated…

Your options might be a bit limited but this FAQ has something:

While the EndNote citing functionality in Pages does leverage the same underlying APIs as CWYW in Word, they were not really designed to be directly compatible.

We have had conversations with Apple offering suggestions for ways to improve this in the future - which we hope they do.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

Cheers Jason, that is helpful - After I apply the steps in the FAQ, do I understand correctly that I can create a traveling libary in Word and then proceed with merging this library with those I already have?

I so, that would be great…

Yes. The FAQ essentially describes a way to set-up your EndNote citations in Pages in a way that they can be brought over to Word, reformatted, and then leveraged/used in any way you would with an EndNote-created Word document.

Unfortunately, currently there is no easy way to go from an EndNote-created Word document to a Pages document and still have the citations properly linked.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team