Help with X2 and Pages 09 - attempting to use the APA format

Please help me out if you would.  I am writing a dissertation using Pages and Endnote X2 for Mac.

  1. How do I get Endnote to title the bibliography “References”?

  2. How do I put a reference that looks like a bibliography reference into the body of the text and again in the Reference section at the end of the paper.  I keep getting an error stating that a document may have only one bibliography.

  3. I have several fields used for a reference critique.  How do I get them into the database for each and every reference?

  4. Does the Endnote “Format Paper” function do more than adjust the in-text references and the bibliography?  Can it check and reformat the rest of the document?  If not, can you recommend how to do that with a Pages document?  I had a “tool” that did it for Word on Windows.  But can’t figure it out with Pages.

Thanks a bunch.  I imagine Endnote is a powerful database and citation tool but I must say that I am having trouble getting to know it.  It isn’t intuitive.  And I don’t much care for the lack of real integration with Pages.  I had it mostly figured out when using Word and Windows.  Will MAC Endnote X3 be better?  I sure home so.