Endnote – converting from Word to Pages

Hello, I’m soon going to start using Endnote (I have version X7.7.1). I have a few questions and would appreciate any advice. I have written a thesis in MS Word for Mac (14.7.7) but I am planning to convert the nine chapter docx files to Apple Pages (5.6.2), where I plan to compile them and format the thesis. I need to spend a few days (hopefully no longer than a week) doing what I should have done all along – use Endnote to create a bibliography from many citations throughout the thesis. I am wondering if I should do this with each individual docx file before converting to Pages? I am guessing it would be better to do all the Endnote work in Pages, as transferring from Word to Pages and expecting Endnote to keep track might be a recipe for headaches / technical problems?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Any fields generated by Endnote in Word will be converted to plain text in Pages (and remain plain text if you go back to word).  I don’t know if you can convert to unformatted citations in Word and then format them in Pages.  I would do a test on a copy to see.  

You can find this information on our website:


In Summary:

It is not currently possible to move references from Microsoft Word to Pages 09/5/6 in a way that maintains the link to EndNote- the references will still be there, but new references added will make a new reference list at the bottom.

It’s possible to use an output style in Pages 09 / Pages 5 / Pages 6 that simulates the unformatted citations in Word, which would allow you to format the file in Pages then transfer it to Word.

HI Leanne, Thanks very much. I will do some testing.

Hi Tony, Thank you very much. I will have a look at that webpage.