Turabian Bibliography not showing; does not show page number in citation

Hi appreciate your help with 2 problems i have

I just installed EN X7 7.5.3

I ran the plug-in for pages. v 2.0

I.m running Pages 5.6.1

I believe these are all the most up-to-date of all the softwares.

(1) the first problem i have is Turabian Bibliography is not showing when I go to Edit – Endnote Citations in Pages.

(2) the second problem is when i put a page number in the citation range, it does not appear on the pages document in the citation

On my previous version of Endnote x7 in another computer with Pages5.6.1 and plugin v2.0 I did not have these problems.

Any help would be appreiated.


Are you using this version which is available on the styles download page? This one has the cited pages in the citation template.   – or perhaps you are needing the footnote version here?

But I am not a Pages user, so I don’t know if there is a glitch with pages, or you just need to download this output style.  If installation is similar for Word and Pages, all output styles are not installed by default (and I wouldn’t want them to be!) So individual users can find and import the output styles they prefer as needed.

I did find this which may help you with the steps required?  


That has helped.  It seems to have solved both of my problems.

It seems that the latest Endnote doesn’t add Turabian as a default style and you need to add the style manually.  My previous version did automatically add it.  

Many thanks for your help :slight_smile: