Two different style formats in the same doc

Has anyone ever had this happen? I am using the same citation (verified the same document number) with no section breaks in a word document (Word 2010; EndNote X4) and one in-text citation lists only (First author et al. year) while the next citation lists (First author, second author et al. year). Any ideas?

Attach the style?  There is a place in the style for a difference between the first and subsequent citations - but it is usually then the other way around.  first time more detail than subsequent.  Perhaps the one you are using was changed in one, but not the other? 

Also - try unformating and then reformating (turning CWYW back on from the third tab, if you want it to auto format in the future).  Was it originally formated in a previous version of word and/or endnote?  - if so, the older refs sometimes are “stuck” and this process will reset them. 

Thanks! I had updated the first one but not the subsequent section.