Two types of citations in one document


I have paper to write where I have to use 2 types of citations:

  • for normal published papers - should be like this [1], [2]…

  • for web pages - should start with [101], [102]…

any idea how I can do this ?

thank in advance for help


Hello Marcin,

There is no programmatic way to use two different formats like that in EndNote, but there is a workaround.

  1. Create your paper with the citations that are not Web pages.
  2. When you are completely done inserting those citations, make a backup of your document.
  3. Remove the EndNote encoding. The process will depend on your version of EndNote on platform. For Windows, this would typically be done by clicking “Convert Citations and Bibliography > Convert to Plain Text.” On the Mac, you can click Tools > EndNote > Convert to Plain text. This will create a plain text copy of your document that is no longer linked to EndNote.
  4. In the new copy of the document, insert all the Web page citations.
  5. To change the starting citation numbers, you can do so through the Format Bibliography dialog. You can access this in EndNote (instead of Word) by clicking the Tools menu > Cite While You Write > Format Bibliography.
  6. Click on the Layout tab.
  7. Change the “Start with bibliography number” to the number of your choice.
  8. Click OK

Dear Jason,

thank you a lot for your help.

I have suggested to a colleague that they use two different temporary markers, so the web has square and the regular ones have curly.  Insert them with CYWY off, so you can make the adjustments, as you go, if you rather do that rather than insert all the regular ones, and then all the web ones (as Jason suggested).  You still need to run one, removed the field codes then run the other (changing the temp delimiters in the format bibliography) and change the “start” number as Jason describes.